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The back-to-school bustle calls for tips and tricks that will make your life easier, healthier and more delicious. Here, I’ve got a hack to cut your breakfast prep in half with an omelet that cooks in a mug … in the microwave! And a homemade nut milk recipe that’s simple to make and the perfect solution for when you’re running low on a store-bought container. Plus, a two-ingredient blueberry jam — without a drop of added sugar — that will take your next PB&J sandwich to the next level. Finally, when it comes to reducing waste, I’m sharing a clever pickle jar trick that you must try, trust me on this one. School is in session and these hacks get an A+!

Get egg-cited for a little morning magic with this hack: making omelets in a mug … in the microwave. These mug omelets are as easy as one, two, three: one mug, two minutes, three base ingredients. It’s simple enough (and safe) for kids to make as zero stovetops are required — woohoo! Each bite is packed with satiating protein, brain-boosting choline and nutrient-rich veggies. You can use whatever you have in your fridge and leftovers are encouraged. You can take your mug in any flavor direction: Pizza for breakfast? A Western-inspired omelet with chopped bell pepper, onion and ham? The easiest way to add flavor and deliciousness is to toss in your favorite herbs and spices. For instance, a dash of basil and oregano can transport you to the heart of Italy, while cilantro, cumin and smoked paprika can whisk you away to Mexico. And, if you’re a fellow hothead (when it comes to spice, that is), drizzle on some fiery hot sauce. This mug-nificent omelet is ideal for breakfast in a hurry!

Blueberry Chia Jam

This recipe is my jam. It calls for only two simple, nutrient-packed ingredients: antioxidant-rich blueberries and chia seeds, which boast omega-3 fatty acids. It’s simple to make and gently sweet (there’s no added sugar!); I am addicted. I use it on everything — from topping my morning toast and stirring it into oatmeal and yogurt to using it as a replacement for sugary, store-bought jelly in my PB&J sandwich. It’s important to keep in mind that it does need to sit for at least 15 minutes to thicken, so I usually either prepare it the night before or quickly whip it up first thing in the morning and let it cool and thicken in the fridge while I get everything (or everyone) ready for the day.

DIY Nut Milk

Here’s a simple and fun way to make your own nut milk — whether it’s almond milk, peanut milk, cashew milk or even sunflower seed milk. It’s pretty legend(non)dairy. All you need is smooth and creamy nut butter, vanilla extract and water. It’s a great hack to have up your sleeve, and unlike traditional nut milk recipes, there’s no need to soak and strain whole nuts during the process. This easy method delivers an effortless alternative, and if you like, you can choose to jazz it up by adding some cinnamon, honey, a pinch of salt or even a few pitted dates for natural sweetness.

Pickle Jar Tomato-Cucumber Salad

Don’t you just hate letting good things go to waste? Well, here’s a clever culinary hack that’ll transform your leftover pickle brine into a zesty tomato and cucumber salad! This trick ingeniously repurposes your kosher dill pickle jars to create a mouthwatering salad that’s both tangy and refreshing. The magic lies in the leftover pickle juice, which is pretty much a treasure trove of flavor with garlic and other delectable seasonings built right in. The brine serves as an all-in-one marinade, ensuring your veggies become infused with savory goodness.