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National Diabetes Prevention Program classes now available in communities across Chicago – for FREE.

To connect to a program, please call 312-746-4835.

If you live outside of Chicago, visit the Illinois CARES Find a Class tab to find a free online class now.


Ms. Roberta Burns

“I am continually encouraging others, such as my work colleagues, to come with me to the program so they can also learn about the importance of nutrition.”

Ms. Roberta's Story

Paige Clincy

“It brings me so much joy and happiness knowing that Chicago’s South Side residents have access to the resources they need to understand how to prevent diabetes.”

Paige's Story

María Ocampo Flores

“This program has helped me better my health and my mood. Most of all, it has helped me to develop a healthier diet and become more informed about prediabetes.”

María's Story

Deandra Fairly

“This program was a great start for me, so I say to anyone who is second guessing their self or wondering what they can do to help better their life this is a great program to get a jump start on a better you.”

Deandra's Story

Ms. Wilson

“The group support here is what keeps me going. Everyone in the program has shared a lot of the same challenges as me and I can relate to them, so they motivate me to continue.”

Ms. Wilson's Story



Ms. Sherry Parker

“This program opened my eyes to proper nutrition practices such as which foods to eat to help lose weight and prevent my risk of acquiring this disease.”

Ms. Sherry's Story

Anna Sparkman

“Being part of the program was a fabulous experience. The lessons we were taught were very beneficial to my health because I don’t want to become a diabetic due to my family history.”

Anna's Story