We care about your health and safety, which is why the free Chicago CARES Diabetes Prevention Program is now offering classes online!

Online classes will be offered by some Chicago CARES partners. Please visit the Find a Class tab to learn how you can enroll today.

How it Works

DPP takes the guess work out of how to make a meaningful lifestyle change, giving you resources to learn how to live a healthy life – for free. And the best part is, you will have the support you need through a year-long class to make the change permanent, including:


      • A trained lifestyle support coach to guide and encourage you
      • Support from other participants with the same goals as you
      • Weekly meetings for the first six months and monthly meetings for the second six months
      • Skills you need to lose weight, be more active, and manage stress

Make a Change

Don’t Wait!

Without making a change, many people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within five years. We urge you to take advantage of this free program, avoid the hassle of pills and needles, and make a healthy lifestyle change for good.

Contact a community health care provider by phone or email to sign up for the next online session of free DPP classes.
Please note: Not all organizations are offering online classes at this time. Organizations offering online classes are indicated below.

Contacta a la organización por teléfono o correo electrónico para inscribirte en la próxima clase gratuita de DPP.
Ten en cuenta que: Las organizaciones que ofrecen clases en línea se indican a continuación.

Find Support Near You

Diabetes Prevention Program classes are hosted and run by our community partners across the city of Chicago. Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, some community partners are offering classes online. Click on the map below or scroll down to find an online class and then contact the community partner to register today!

Las clases del programa de prevención de la diabetes son organizadas y administradas por varias organizaciones alrededor de la ciudad de Chicago. Debido a las restricciones de distanciamiento social de COVID-19, algunas organizaciones están ofreciendo clases en línea. ¡Haz clic en el mapa que se encuentra a continuación para encontrar una clase en línea y registrarte!

Contact a Local Organization

Advocate Trinity Hospital

Rukiyat Lawal

*Online Classes Offered*

Cook County Health

Josephine Martey

*Online Classes Offered*

Erie Family Health Centers

Jackie Medina

*Se Ofrece Clases en Línea*

Erie Neighborhood House

Elva Serna

*Se Ofrece Clases en Línea*

Heartland Health Centers

Jonas Hamren

*Online Classes Offered*

Howard Brown Health

Lasheena Miller
773-388-1600 ext 2974

Mercy Hospital and Medical Center

Donielle Wells

Mile Square Health Center

Angela Ware

Sheila Harmon

*Online Classes Offered*

Near North Health Service Corporation

Ruby Ferguson
Ext. 4123

*Online Classes Offered*

Sinai Urban Health Institute

Yesenia Galvan

*Se Ofrece Clases en Línea*

Universidad Popular

Olivia Ramirez

Cristina Perez

*Se Ofrece Clases en Línea*

Meet María

My name is María Ocampo Flores, I’m a resident of Back-of-the-Yards, mother of three and grandmother of two. Recently, due to health complications in my knees, I had to stop working. During a visit at Esperanza Health Clinic, my doctor told me about the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

This program has helped me better my health and my mood. Most of all, it has helped me to develop a healthier diet and become more informed about prediabetes. Since I began the program, I have made overcoming prediabetes, taking care of my health and weight my top goals. I enjoy the classes and the support given to program participants, as it’s an opportunity for us to empower ourselves and to be healthier.

The health and safety of our community is our top priority.

Chicago CARES Diabetes Prevention Program classes have been affected differently by COVID-19, so please contact the organization directly to learn more about current classes and future class enrollment. We encourage you to stay connected by checking our page for updates and following us via our Twitter and Facebook pages.