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WOODRUFF, Wis. (WJFW) – A common New Year’s Resolution is exercising more, but it can be an uphill battle with winter weather here in Wisconsin.

There are some easy ways to get moving even when the weather is frightful.

“Exercise has been very helpful for prevention of heart disease. Exercise has been very helpful in managing depression,” said Karl Larson, MD from the Aspirus Woodruff Clinic.

Doctor Larson says everyone benefits from exercise.

“One of the things we recommend our diabetics three hours of moderate exercise every week. That can be three hours all at once. Or it could be half an hour six days a week or it can even be five minutes periodically throughout the day.”

He recommends getting your heart rate up to 100 during a sweat session.

“The biggest difficulties in winter is that its cold outside and not very comfortable. So, there’s other things you can do. You can stay active at your local gym,” said Larson.

He says walking is a great way to get moving because it is low stress on knees, ankles and other joints.

“It might be kids playing in the yard. It might be walking with your friends; the camaraderie is sometimes very helpful.”

Bundling up and braving the elements is another way to meet your weekly exercise goals.

“I’ve learned to cross country ski so I’m out with the dogs all the time. Outdoor indoor doesn’t matter that much just doing something is helpful,” said Larson.