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These puff pastry recipes are the perfect summer sides, snacks or treats. From savory tarts highlighting veggies like spinach, bell peppers and tomatoes to sweet rolls featuring summertime berries, these dishes are bright and flavorful ways to enjoy those flaky, crunchy layers. Recipes like our Spinach Puffs and our Baked Brie with Jam in Puff Pastry will have you restocking puff pastry dough all season long.

Potato-Leek Tart with Gochujang & Honey

Puff pastry is the perfect balance of crunchy and buttery for tarts like this one. Serve this potato-leek tart as a first course or alongside roast turkey instead of mashed potatoes.

Spinach Puffs

These bite-sized spinach puffs are reminiscent of artichoke dip, with a slight hint of spice from ground pepper and za’atar seasoning. Puff pastry surrounds the savory filling, adding a crispy golden crust on the outside.

Roasted Carrot Tart with Carrot-Green Pesto

In this vegetarian main-dish recipe, you use the entire carrot from root to greens, so there’s less waste. Roasted carrots are layered on top of a creamy ricotta base with pesto made using the green tops from carrots. Untrimmed carrots can be tough to find, but when you do, cut off the tops and store them separately or they’ll draw moisture from the carrots. If you don’t have carrot greens, use 1 cup of parsley instead.

Baked Brie with Jam in Puff Pastry

his best baked Brie recipe is also the easiest. Serve this decadent yet simple appetizer with apple wedges and crackers and watch it disappear in seconds! It’s bound to be your new party go-to.

Tomato Ricotta Tart

This simple tart showcases gorgeous, multicolored heirloom tomatoes. Aged balsamic vinegar has a beautiful syrupy texture because the longer it ages, the more evaporation takes place. Balsamic glaze can be used in its place, but keep in mind it often has added sugar.

3-Ingredient Puff Pastry Bites with Roasted Red Peppers & Feta

Flaky puff pastry envelops a sweet and savory mixture of roasted red peppers and feta cheese for an easy three-ingredient appetizer that’s perfect for a brunch buffet or as a passed appetizer at an evening gathering. Adapted from the Spinach Puffs recipe developed by Laura Kanya.

Blackberry & Brie Puff Pastry Roll

No one will be able to tell that this stunning, festive appetizer is made entirely from premade ingredients, but it is! Puff pastry, blackberry jam and Brie combine to create a sweet appetizer that’s perfect for a holiday or dinner party.

Individual Quiches Lorraine

Puff pastry acts as a buttery crust in these muffin-tin quiches Lorraine that are perfect for breakfast or brunch.

3-Ingredient Egg & Mushroom Puff Pastry Rolls

Heat-and-go breakfasts get an upgrade with these 3-ingredient savory puff pastries filled with scrambled eggs and mushrooms. A sheet of store-bought puff pastry makes assembly a snap. These are rich and flavorful on their own, but feel free to top the scrambled eggs with shredded cheese before rolling up the dough.

Blackberry & Goat Cheese Puff Pastry Roll

Make this three-ingredient recipe when you want an easy, yet stunning, appetizer. Blackberry jam provides sweetness while goat cheese adds a slight tang to create a sweet-and-savory appetizer. Be sure the goat cheese is cold before you use it, so it’s easier to crumble.