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Ms. Wilson


My name is Ms. Wilson, I’m retired, and I live in Bronzeville. My doctor was the first person to tell me about the free Diabetes Prevention Program. When she noticed my blood pressure was high and I was at risk of type 2 diabetes, she said I could either enroll in the program or I would be put on medication, which I didn’t want. Since I’ve joined, I’ve been more active, taking classes like line dancing, and I’m learning to eat better and read nutrition labels. It’s helped me do a better job maintaining my weight and lowering my blood pressure and risk of type 2 diabetes.

I’ve also been able to help my sister by sharing the materials with her and teaching her the information I’ve learned in the classes and encouraging her to take control of her health. The group support here is what keeps me going. Everyone in the program has shared a lot of the same challenges as me and I can relate to them, so they motivate me to continue.

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