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Deandra Fairly

My name is Deandra Fairley and I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago.

I was never diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but it runs in my family, so I knew I needed to take some precautionary measures and take control. The first thing I learned when I started going to the Diabetes Prevention Program was about the different types of foods and what I should stay away from. One of the best parts of the program has been learning how to eat the foods that I like and to be able to cook healthy.

For me, the program is all about being in the learning process. You learn about your body and what affects it. I had to learn what caused my body to have inflammation or made me feel tired, and what made me feel good and energized. Even though I have completed the program, I know I can still go to one of the program teachers to ask for advice and they will give me further input or teach me something new.

It’s helpful because I’m also teaching my family members and friends what I’ve learned. My husband, mother, grandmother, two of my aunts and my best friend are diabetics, so I am able to teach them ways of eating what they like, but in a healthy way and which foods to avoid.

I am a mother seven children and 10 grandchildren and they motivate me to be a better, because I need to be around for them. This program was a great start for me, so I say to anyone who is second guessing their self or wondering what they can do to help better their life this is a great program to get a jump start on a better you. It helps reduce your chances of getting type 2 diabetes and reduce other health risk. You learn how to eat healthy with better ingredients and other recipes to a better you. I’m very thankful for the program.

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