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Anna Sparkman


My name is Anna Sparkman. I participated in the Diabetes Prevention Program last year after I was diagnosed with prediabetes and learned about the class offered at Near North Health Center after seeing a flyer at the front desk. I decided to enter the program and stick with it because I have family members who are diabetic and I did not want to have to deal with the health issues I knew were to come if I didn’t try to get my prediabetes under control.

Being part of the program was a fabulous experience. The lessons we were taught were very beneficial to my health because I don’t want to become a diabetic due to my family history. I realized that that the foods I am used to eating, such as soda, steak, and chocolate, have a negative influence on my cholesterol. With the help of the rest of my class and the lifestyle coach, I was able to track my meals and better understand how I could make healthier changes. I plan on continuing to make healthier food choices and know the program is still there for me if I ever need a refresher or help.

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