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Healthy Family Lifestyle

Many families want to learn ways to live healthier lives, including improving their nutrition and meal planning, getting more active, and controlling their weight. The CARES Cook County initiative is working to bring together community-based organizations, healthcare providers, families, and more to identify, launch, scale, and sustain evidenced-based programs that support healthy family lifestyles in Cook County, Illinois. Planning will convene in late 2023 through 2024.

The Initiative:

The Cook County Collaboration to Advance Reach, Equity and Systems (CARES: Cook County) program will help expand access to diabetes prevention, diabetes management and family-focused healthy lifestyle programs in Cook County, IL priority communities. Program partners will help implement evidence-based programs tailored to meet the needs of their local communities.

CARES Cook County is led by the Illinois Public Health Institute with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.